Hourly Rentals – Sombrero Beach & Tavernier

From: $20.00

Hourly Rentals are only available at Sombrero Beach in Marathon, Florida and at 90311 overseas hwy. Tavernier, Fl.  You must sign up online and pick an available reservation time.  All Sombrero Beach hourly rentals are delivered to Sombrero Beach 30 minutes after the order is paid for online.  All Tavernier on site rentals launch at the kayak launch which is on the back deck of Old Conch Harbor, through the gift shop and next to the raw bar.   Any delivery made to anywhere other than those two locations is considered at least a 1 day (24 hour) rental.  If you want an hourly rental delivered to any other location you will need to select a daily rental on the daily rental page and specify same day pick up and delivery on the rental form.

Hourly Rental Prices

9′ Single Kayak:                        $20/ 2 Hour or less  |  $30/  5-hour

12′ Single Kayak:                        $30/ 2 Hour or less  |  $40  5-hour 

Tandem Kayak:                     $40/  2 Hour or less |  $50 5-hour

Stand Up Paddleboard:        $35 Hour or less  |  $45  5-hour

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